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Conservation Commission sets land speed record

By Renée Meyer | Feb 20, 2014

The Conservation Commission whipped through a brief agenda on Tuesday evening, prompting Fred Leeder to declare: “This could be new record.” The meeting lasted all of nine minutes.

First on the agenda was the receipt of correspondence from island visitor Kathryn Leonard of New Jersey. The correspondence was also sent to the Health Services Board of Directors, the Police Advisory Commission, the Recreation Board, the Tourism Council and the Town Council. (The website for the Town of New Shoreham does not list any Police Advisory Commission as one of its boards or commissions.)

The letter was about what Leonard referred to as “dog packs” on Block Island beaches, as well as at the Salt Pond Condominiums, where she stays. In her letter she stated: “Last summer, for me, it finally crossed the line of unacceptability.” In the end, it merely asked that: “Most important, start regularly enforcing the existing pet laws!”

Not feeling that the matter was within their purview, the commission asked that the letter’s receipt be acknowledged, with the message that they would send her letter on to both the Town Council and the animal warden.

The commission also acknowledged a letter from Chris Warfel regarding sand fencing. In it Warfel informed the commission that there were three rolls of the hemp-like netting that he had experimented with remaining behind the town garage.

That led Chair Ned Phillips Jr. to point out that the commission only had a permit from the CRMC for snow-fencing (as opposed to the fabric mesh alternative) but that he would still like to experiment with it, perhaps by putting the two different types of fencing together in one area to compare how each did.

When it came to setting a date for the next work date for dune restoration, the commissioners agreed that due to the weather and the challenge of setting the poles into the frozen sand, they should hold off until the next meeting to set a date. However, those at the meeting agreed that on days when the weather was in the 40’s, people could arrange to get together by email for their own work sessions.

Commissioner Dave Roosa reported that he and another volunteer had done some “filling in” of the snow-fencing on either side of the beach pavilion.

“It’s working” said Phillips, and with the quick approval of the previous meeting’s minutes, the meeting adjourned.

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