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Check your commercial vehicle renewal info

Feb 04, 2014

If you own a commercial vehicle, now is the time to ensure that all your registration information is correct. All commercial vehicles in Rhode Island are registered in March, and because of that the process begins in early February.

New Shoreham Tax Collector Linda Powers still has the ability to review addresses and other information on registration renewal forms to make sure it is correct, but she said soon this will not be the case. That is why she is encouraging all commercial vehicle owners on the island to visit to look up their vehicle registration information to ensure that it is right.

The State has changed its registration policies. Now it allows two addresses: a “location” address with your Fire Number and closest street, and a “mailing” address which can be either a Post Office box on Block Island or an address anywhere (another Rhode Island town or in another State).

If a driver would like to change the address on his or her license and registrations on line, all the driver needs to do is input the information requested, including their driver’s license number and registration numbers, on the website page. DMV will update their information into the DMV database at no charge.

This will make sure that the vehicle owners will not only receive the renewal form, but they will also receive their new registration.

Also, by checking the information on the state’s website, vehicle owners will be able to see if there is a “tax block.” If the owner owes, for example, back taxes or child support payments, they will not be able to register their vehicle. If they see a red flag, Powers said, they can correct the problem and then be able to register their truck.

Once again, commercial vehicle owners are asked to visit and look up their current vehicle registration information to ensure that it is accurate and that there are no tax blocks in the way to registering. While you are at it, check all your vehicles, even those with other types of plates, as this problem will apply to them in other months.

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