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Charming Martin Donovan is heading south

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Jan 18, 2013

Martin "Mr. Sweetness" himself, is leaving for warmer climes soon. My boyo, will be leaving 22 ferry trips from today; but who's counting? Well, Martin is. Today was rather cold, and our bundled up boyo was ready to bounce. But instead, we had our daily discussion of Darwinism gone haywire (in reference to Meatloaf singing the National Anthem, two feet from Mitt Romney....) a step back for the GOP, I would be willing to bet.

Of course a day wouldn't be complete without discussing Martin's take on the national economy, a glancing discussion of Quantum Mechanics and a tilt to the windmills rising. "We need to deal with the infrastructure, Joey! now!" "Sure do," I say.

"Bridges, highways, railroads, levees, now!"

" How much will this cost," I asked.

"13 Trillion, if we start now!"

Beat, pause, two shanty Irishmen shaking their heads woefully; which is how insurrections usually begin in the world of the Celts. Just saying.

"Are you getting that Smoker like Everett's," I say to soften our discussion  of a global economic meltdown.

"Yup, gonna smoke Alaskan Salmon I'm getting for  !%$#@ per pound."

"Can I buy some from you boyo," I ask.

"Certainly lad, for a fair price." He replied.

I then said, "We'll talk when you get back from drinking Pinacolaties, Guiness and Umbrella drinks in Babylon, you heathen."

"Yes we will lad, yes, we, will."


To be continued

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