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Celebrate This Week of Thanks Giving With Poetry and Song

Harbor Church
Nov 30, 2013
6:30 PM

Celebrate This Week of Thanks Giving With Poetry and Song


Please join in a gathering of voices from the Block Island Poetry Project for a celebration of song, poetry and community at the Harbor Church at 6:30-7:30 pm on Saturday, November 30. More than a dozen poets represented in the BIPP’s 10-year anthology, Where Beach Meets Ocean, will read their own work or a favorite piece from the book, and the Block Island singers will lead us in and out of the reading with their gift of song.


The Block Island Poetry Project has been an advocate for poetry, music, the arts, compassion, community, slapstick, the spoken word and the unspoken word since 2004. To honor a decade of work, fun and creativity, the BIPP completed Where Beach Meets Ocean which features more than 90 poets and musicians, from the first timer to the Pulitzer Prize winner with artwork by local gentle legend, Sandy Swan.


More than 20 local poets share the pages with world-renowned poets like Robery Bly, Mary Oliver, Carolyn, Forche, Marie Howe and Billy Collins, all of whom have visited Block Island to participate in the BIPP. Light snacks and coffee will be provided, and attendance is free, though donations to the BIPP Anthology fund are encouraged, and gratefully received. Call 401-466-9616 with any questions.