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Carolina Palermo Schulze at The Island Gallery,Sat July 3oth

By Bill Hall | Jul 29, 2011

Second floor of the Post Office —

" During my ten year exploration of Sicily I found a small hilltop village that I loved going back to visit, year after year.  Erice, is the name of that village, at 750 meters in the sky like a viewing post for all of northwest Sicily.  I made many of pictures in this town and was honored by the town with a solo show of my photographs, at their contemporary art center in a 15th century monastery.
The show was in a four part series, the series I am presenting to The Block Island Gallery is entitled A DOG'S EYE VIEW OF ERICE, SICILY.  I created this series because I was taken by the 3 dogs who lived in the village.  The village was like a maze of streets and buildings and the dogs would navigate the town like old sailors who could find their way in the dark.  I employed the use of a 135 degree widelux camera on a 10 inch tall tripod.  I followed the dog's around the town for a few days.  After seeing what interested them, I went back to set up the camera to shoot as though through the eye of a dog.  I learned a lot about a dog's behavior and the town's littlest secrets. These photos were ink jet printed on canvass to be hung directly on the humid walls of the Monastery, humidity is the great evil of living in the clouds.  Please come by to see me and my photos July 30 to August 5th at the BLOCK ISLAND GALLERY."  Many thanks, Carolina Palermo Schulze


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