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Capital improvement projects at the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Mar 24, 2013

Below is a list of Town Engineer Jim Geremia’s complete list of sewer upgrades and estimated costs. (See related story for more details.)

At the previous Town Council meeting (March 4, 2013), the Sewer Commission petitioned the Town Council for financial assistance on the upcoming capital improvement projects at the Wastewater Treatment Facility. This memo will address the issues raised by the Council at that meeting and provide additional background for the proposed projects,

The Commission, along with the Commission's Engineer (JGA) and the Superintendent, have conducted a survey of the process equipment, along with the buildings and grounds, to establish the list of capital improvement projects.

The process equipment (including the five remote pump stations) were evaluated based on their age, anticipated maintenance, reliability and ability to meet permit conditions. The buildings and grounds were assessed based on their age. annual maintenance and structural deficiencies. The improvements were than categorized by building renovation, process upgrades, operations and maintenance repairs.

The purpose of this plan is to prepare a five-year capital improvement plan that will enable the Facility to operate within RIDEM's permit requirements.

The following represents the capital projects along with their estimated cost.


•     Sludge Dewatering Process Improvements                                 $583,700
Replacement of Chemical Injection Pump (for odor control)
Belt Filter Press Feed
Two (2) New Sludge Tank Aeration Blowers and related appurtenances
Plant Water Filter Screen (automatic)
Rebuild the belt conveyor
Modifications to the polymer feed system
Rebuild the Belt Filter Press, or replace with new technology
Expand the sludge storage tank for BFP and return sludge

•     Sludge Dewatering Building                                                $225,900
Replace the exhaust system
Re-roof the building
Replace the trim around windows, doors and vents
Replace the fascia board
Re-shingle the gable ends, remove shakes and re-shingle
Reinstall gutters


Grit Room $2,900
Replace sump pump                                                       

•     General System Upgrades                                                 $48,000
Rewire and install new VFD controllers for three return/wasting pumps
Rewire and install new VFD controller for effluent pump
Install mag meter on return pump (3-inch)
Re-wire controls for plant water pump

•     Operations Building                                                         $246,500
Re-face building exterior
Repair insect damage
Block in door for Effluent Pump Room and old Chlorine Feed Room
Replace BILCO hatch
Add hydraulic door at entrance for flood control
Clean out old Chlorine Feed room; convert to a break room and plan room
Miscellaneous valve replacement
Replace all exhaust fans
Replace unit heater in Grit Room

Surveillance System                                 $61,000

SITE IMPROVEMENTS                                 $22,500

o Drainage improvements - north side aeration
o Lighting - exterior of the buildings (Solids Handling, Operations and Aeration)
o Sidewalk replacement in sections around chlorine contact tank
o Oil feed lines - secure and install double wall piping

EQUIPMENT                                                                         $56,500
o Safety equipment
o Utility Truck

o Electrical, heat and ventilation

BLOWER BUILDING                                $ 51.000
o Replace windows with louvers and exhaust fan (air conditioners)
o Reface the exterior of the building
o Re-Roofing

AERATION TANK                                    $130,300
o Coating of concrete tanks
o Slide gate replacement

PUMP STATIONS (4)         $158,000 per station                $632,000
o Relocate control pane! above grade. The new control panel will include motor starters, alarms, level control, cameras.
o Install safety rails, hatches, ladder-up.
o Install by-pass configuration
o Install structure above the pump entrance hatch.
o Replacement of valves (gate valve and check valve)

SCADA                                                                                   $240,000
o SCADA Controls (4 stations at $60,000 per station)

Old Harbor Pump Station                                                          $245,000
o Emergency by-pass
o Shut off valve in force main
o Replace wiring between Old Harbor & main plant
o SCADA Controls

Force Main Replacement/Repairs
o Budget for partial repiscements or repairs                $250,000

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