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'Canes victorious over Barrington Christian Academy

By Kathleen Hemingway | Nov 01, 2013

Teamwork was the theme of the ’Canes last home game this past Saturday, Oct. 26. The enthusiasm was undeniable by the home team despite the persisting chill in the air.

Mason Littlefield wasted no time scoring the first goal. Jameson Padien and Gavin Smith played pivotal roles in that play with a pass from Padien, to Smith, then to Littlefield to get the Hurricanes on the board. Shortly after, Littlefield made a throw-in to Ryan McGarry who skillfully shouldered it to BCA’s goalie, who headed it in himself.

But hey, a goal is a goal, and we’ll take it. The energy quickly escalated at that point, it had even made a visible impact on Block Island’s coaches — John Breunig and Kirk Littlefield, who exchanged a proud chest bump following the ‘Canes second goal.

Tadhg O’Neill proved to be a powerhouse once again with some pretty incredible saves that made many question whether or not he was superhuman. Of course, he had help from the defensive side, who really pulled together. The defensive end was definitely tenacious and unmoving in their effort to stop any goals.

On the offensive side, it should go without saying, but Mason Littlefield and Ryan McGarry did an incredible job. Kal Lemoine even had a very close breakaway at one point that had everyone out of their seats.

Three and a half minutes into the second half, teamwork again proved to be a strength of the young Hurricanes when McGarry made an assist to Littlefield to score another point for the home team, making the score 3-0.

Unfortunately, thirty seconds later, BCA managed to score a goal, but that did not discourage our team. It only caused us to put more of an effort into the game. The change was easily noticed in Richie Conant and Kiley Hall, who both put up impressive defensive efforts. Seven minutes in, BCA managed to score another goal, unfortunately, making the game only a one-point difference. Thankfully, although a little while after BCA’s last goal, the ‘Canes were able to pull together to solidify a win with one more goal. Kal Lemoine started it off with a pass to Littlefield, who then was able to assist McGarry to score the last point of the game. Making the score 4-2.

This game was not only an impressive victory for the Hurricanes, but also marked the last home game for seniors Kit Woodward, Oliver Mott, Kal Lemoine, and James McNerney, They will be sorely missed next year and have, without a doubt, played a pivotal role in the 2013 Block Island soccer season.

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