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Bonito are back!

By Block Island Fishworks | Aug 17, 2013
Photo by: C Willi Bill with a South side Bonito

The Atlantic Bonito, aka 'Bones', have made their presence know around the Island with several caught this past week.  Related to the mackerel, this red meat fish is a favorite target for light tackle and fly fishermen - fast moving and hard fighting they are often not easy to land.  Often misidentified as False Albacore (Albies), the Bonito have teeth and lateral striping.  These are a good fish to eat as sashimi, saviche, or poke'.  Light tackle fishermen use 'tins' - metal lures like Deadly Dicks, Kastmasters, and Maria's or small soft plastic lures like a Sluggo to catch these fish.  Fly fishing requires a fly matching the bait the feed on, often sandeels and squid in these waters.  These fish tend to like the tides moving when they feed and can be caught readily in the middle of the day.  Bonito arriving usually signals the return of False Albacore.

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