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Bob Dylan, like many baby-boomers, is navigating his direction home

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Apr 08, 2013

Bob Dylan is still working, older actors I know are still working. The Rolling Stones, various baby-booomered demographiced bar bands and tribute bands are still grinding out their songs; working. Offshore fisherman, older than me, are still grinding out a living, heading way offshore out of Point Judith, to make a trip of squid, lobster or flounder; in wintertime. Today, my wife was all excited when I said that I scored us some tickets for Dylan's Ryan Center gig Monday at 7:30. This could be a gathering of the geezers, but we still can clean up pretty good, so it should be a pretty cool Dylan date.

This will be my fourth time seeing Bob Dylan: twice in '65, once in 2002, and now in 2013. There is something to learn from Dylan. Simply put, we all  do what we always did. Once a working stiff, always a working stiff; it's that simple. My wife and I saw Dylan go "Electric" in '65, but we wern't together then. She was with her dad; cool dad. There was never a dull moment from those Dylan shows. As a young guy, I never that much understood what Dylan was saying ( where do you go with lots of his stuff, ya know what I mean); I just loved the way he said it. We've no expectations for tomorrow night, but it will be a blast just to be there. Dylan is like the quintessential Boomer Geezer; the guy just does what the hell he wants. So he may mumble some lyrics, maybe jump his timing on some songs, or even be grumpy with his band. Well, Mr. Dylan you're definitely allowed; geez on!

People sometimes ask me how I'm doing at the docks, I say,"Well, I'm walking upright, taking nourishment,and having momentary bursts of amorous intentions; just intentions, get it, got it, good." So what I'm saying here is that at this stage of life, it's great just to be here, it's all upside, it's all good. Dylan's going to to whatever the hell he wants as he's done his whole life, and my wife and I will be giggling like little kids. Can't wait to see all the get-ups on the somewhat daffy geezer brigade. I may wear a suit, now that will be a tragically hip geezer thing, right, or maybe a faux ponytail and bandana with my suit. I can only imagine the rig my wife will be wearing. This is going to be a hoot(terrible pun) for those boomers who can connect the dots. See you there! Visit for some great old Dylan pictures.


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Posted by: Gail A Gregory | Apr 08, 2013 11:11

Sounds Like A GREAT NIGHT Ahead!  I'm sure you Both will enjoy!



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