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Birthday Bucket

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Mar 09, 2013
Photo by: J. V. Houlihan, Jr. Phil Murphy, and his "Birthday Bucket"

Phil and Kerry Murphy pulled in for the 4 o'clock ferry. Both were smiling. "I got my bucket, Joe," said Phil. Kerry wanted to get her husband a birthday gift, and asked him if he had anything on his "Bucket List." Phil told her that he didn't have anything that he wanted or needed to do, for a "Bucket List," and that he was all set. Kerry had read my article in the B I Times about "Catboat Jon," the bucket guy from Newport, and got an idea. She did an end run, and ordered her husband a bucket from Jon. Phil was totally surprised, and loves his bucket; just look at the guy! Furthermore, Phil isn't a bucket-half-full, nor is he a bucket-half- empty guy. Phil is an open-to-anything guy, a simple guy. An empty bucket is enough for Phil Murphy.

    Also, I'm over in Newport checking my sailboat. Who do I run in to? "Catboat Jon," who says,"Hey Joe, I sold two more buckets to a friend of yours on Block Island." He was beaming.  "I sent her a conformation note in the mail today." (I was very happy for "Catboat Jon," I hope he makes buckets of dough selling these beautiful things.) He was actually on his way to make my friend's buckets at that very moment that we ran in to each other. Later, I was walking around the docks, and was near "Catboat Jon's" boat Farrellon, and with my iPhone rig I actually made a video of Farrellon, as she was rocking and rolling at the dock in forty-knots of wind, while the wise bucket master was down below making said buckets. Then, I sent the video to my friend. Don't be surprised if you see lots of "Catboat Jon's" buckets on Block Island this summer. They are truly a work of art.

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