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Bird Walking - Not so Crazy

By Elspeth Crawford | May 06, 2014
Photo by: Elspeth Crawford

I have put this on my personal blog - but thought it might be of interest to Block Island Times readers - do let me know!

This morning, in utterly beautiful spring sunshine, and no wind, fifteen of us arrived at Coastguard Road for the Crazy as A Coot Birdwalk. [For interest, if you are on Block Island, all are welcome to come out with the Crazy Coots or any other group of Ocean View Foundation and the Block Island U3A.]

Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron
Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron (Photo credit: Wikipedia

This is a greater number than usual, and we saw a greater number of species, 26, than we had done on any of the winter walks. Of those, I was impressed by the night heron who flew up off a pond to a tree perch and appeared to regard us all with considerable disdain. Needless to say to those who know me, I didn't know it was a night heron, juvenile, until Kim told me, but knowing or not knowing its name does not make seeing it less interesting. I do however envy Kim's knowledge, because she said Night Heron before we saw its great wings lift it to the tree. She heard its cry, and knew. How wonderful is that?

This picture is quite like the one we saw. Ours sat hunched in his tree without moving further.

On our way, we went inland from Coastguard Road as far as the Pelig Champlain House, built in 1820, one of the oldest homes on Block Island. It is also known as Uncle Weeden's. So we took a group photo in the sunshine in front of the barn there. And so many different kinds of view, all within an hour's walk before breakfast at Bethany's Airport Diner.

Coastguard Road - an Eastern Kingbird, goldfinches, cardinals, ...
The Pelig Champlain House
Crazy Coots

As everyone on this island knows, every time we walk out, and turn a corner, there is a view or a little space never seen before. It is a wonderful place.






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