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BIRA's Dune Restoration Project to Address Erosion

By Block Island Residents Association | Jul 08, 2013
BIRA Community Work Day

BIRA has cooperated with resident volunteers to address dune erosion evidenced in David A. Vanko's research below:

BIRA coordinated three recent community workdays during which access paths to Baby Beach, Scotch Beach and Mansion Beach were delineated with new snow fencing. This project was in response to the damage done by Superstorm Sandy and to a call from the Conservation Commission for assistance. Snow fencing has been shown to be the most effective tool for preventing dune erosion, so BIRA put out the call for donations for snow fencing and received generous support from the community. Snow fences not only keep walkers on the pathways and off of the dunes, but they collect drifting sand and help it to build up along the sides.  Remaining funds from the donations will go to small appealing signs to ask people to stay off of the dunes, our vital wall protecting our homes and businesses from the sea, as well as for dune grass, if available, or rose bushes, and for future buildup of the dunes. BIRA is very grateful to everyone who sent donations and to everyone who did the hard work of installing the fences. Click this link to access the BIRA website:


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