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BIRA Supports the Deer Task Force

By Block Island Residents Association | Jul 01, 2013

Ruth Perfido, Chairperson of the Deer Task Force, recently spoke to BIRA's Board of Directors regarding recent strides the DTF has made in drawing the attention of the Department of Environmental Management to the exponentially rising numbers of deer here on the island.  The main concern, of course, is disease carried by the deer tick, including Lyme Disease and babesiosis.  Many islanders and visitors have suffered from these diseases as a result of a hike or just some time in their yards.  The DEM is now recognizing the problem here on Block Island: they tell us we have somewhere between 700 and 1000 deer, when a healthy herd would consist of about 112-125 deer.  BIRA and the DTF are hoping that the DEM will come help us with this ever worsening problem.  Meetings will be set up to address the community's questions on the issue.

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