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Bike safety program for the summer

By Lars Trodson | Mar 25, 2014
Photo by: K. Curtis

Block Island Police Chief Vin Carlone is instituting a new program for island residents and visitors that use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation during the summer.

Carlone described the program, “Lights and Locks,” as “providing lights and locks for increasing visibility at night and decreasing theft of unlocked bikes.” Throughout the summer, the island’s narrow roads are often clogged with drivers, riders and walkers, an atmosphere that provides ample opportunities for accidents and mishaps.

In a letter Carlone wrote about the program, he also said that the New Shoreham Police Department is “making an effort to mitigate the rising tide of bicycle thefts by providing hotels and real estate offices with bike locks that can be loaned to guests. Unlocked bikes are taken on a daily basis, often ruining a visitor’s island experience. Though some are recovered, many are not, and the losses total many thousands of dollars every season.”

Carlone said he hoped that the loaner locks would encourage “everyone to lock up their bicycles for the duration of their stay.”

He said that members of the police department will also work with the Block Island School to inform students of the bicycle safety program and to provide young people with locks and lights. Carlone said police cruisers will carry a supply and offer them “as needed, while on patrol.”



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