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BIHS seeks to mend fences

Looks for a way to honor Stover
By Gloria S. Redlich | Sep 06, 2013

In an attempt to bridge divisions within the Block Island community after former Block Island Health Services (BIHS) Executive Director Monty Stover was dismissed last year, the current board is considering ideas to recognize Stover’s tenure as executive director of the facility.

BIHS President Bob Fallon said that he had received a call from Peter Saxon, an attorney representing Stover, suggesting that some kind of event might be arranged that would involve Stover, such as a fundraiser for the medical center.

Stover said he was aware of the conversation, which is still ongoing, but said he was conflicted.

“Well, I have mixed feelings about it. I like healing wounds,” Stover said, but he also said he did not want the event, no matter how well intentioned, “to bring forward any of those negative feelings from last year.”

Fallon cautioned the members of the  BIHS Board that whatever event is eventually planned should be a neutral, non-controversial event. “It would not be the kind of event that would relive past events,” he said.

Saxon was inquiring, Fallon said, whether or not BIHS board members or staff would be interested in participating in such an event.

Island resident Richard Weisbroat, who was in the audience, said, “I think the community might be healed by such an event. I think that would be great.”

Stover added that he wanted “to figure out a way to help them [the BIHS], and to reach out to them in some way, but I’ve been so busy here (at the Surf Hotel).” He said that he would like to talk with Board President Fallon “and let him know that I don’t have hard feelings against the organization, but there are a couple of people I don’t get a long with, and probably never will.”

The matter was referred to the BIHS Fundraising Committee to see “what they would like to do with this idea,” said Fallon.

This story has been corrected from the version that appeared in print on Friday, Sept. 6. An incorrect quote attributed to BIHS President Bob Fallon has been deleted.

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