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BI Deer Reduction Plan Supported by BIRA

By Block Island Residents Association | Jan 15, 2014

At BIRA's Annual Meeting, the tick-borne illness problem on the island was discussed, sometimes heatedly, by BIRA members, Deer Task Force members, and other concerned individuals in the community, with representatives of the DEM (Dept. of Environmental Management). Many citizens had suffered from Lyme Disease or Babesiosis, and were clearly fed up with the lack of action to do something about deer overpopulation on the island, since the deer tick causes serious disease.  After much lobbying and many discussions on the part of the DTF and BIRA with the DEM, action to drastically reduce the deer herd is finally being decided upon and will be initiated as soon as is humanly possible.  If you'd like to take a look at the DEM's new Deer Reduction Plan for BI, click this link: BIRA will be working with the DTF to create a Capital Campaign to finance the multi-year project.

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