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B.I. Hurricanes take on Grove

By Kathleen Hemingway | Nov 01, 2013

“The last ten minutes are just as important as the first ten minutes and every other ten minutes in the game.”— Head Coach John Breunig

It took both teams a little while to warm up and really get the game on Friday, Oct. 25, with the Grove School from Madison, Conn. Ryan McGarry came quite close to scoring multiple goals within the first 20 minutes and had some fancy footwork on his side. However, he was not able to score. Thankfully, neither was the other team.

Block Island was able to score the first goal of the game, thanks to Mason Littlefield’s assist to Ryan McGarry, who skillfully was able to put the ball in the upper right hand corner of the net.

Tadhg O’Neill and Delaney Schwarzer demonstrated incredible teamwork during the first half, and O’Neill proved himself once again to be unstoppable. Richie Conant and Oliver Mott also exhibited tremendous skill on defense and were able to prevent multiple goals.

There must have been something about the field that the team was playing on, because I swear there was at least one player or another on the ground every five minutes, whether they were on the Hurricane’s team or Grove’s. Nearly everyone fell in that game, but the Hurricane’s effort proved to not go unrewarded.

By the second half, Block Island was determined not to lose. Richie Conant, Kiley Hall, and Oliver Mott proved to be important pieces to the defensive effort throughout the remainder of the game.

At one point, Littlefield was sprinting full speed and his athletic prowess allowed him to literally fling his body over one of Grove’s player’s shoulders, who must have been at least 6’1”, and impressively landed on his feet. Astonished, the game continued and, unfortunately, Grove was able to score, but that would be the only opportunity the opposing team would have.

Millie Starr and Ryan McGarry really took one for the team, with multiple chest bumps, and a few face ones in there, too. And Gavin Smith actually ended up kicking the ball directly into the ref, but the game continued.

With minutes left, McGarry was able to score in a basically open net to take the win for Block Island. The resulting score was 2-1, officially making this a winning season for the ‘Canes, even if they were to lose every game they had left.

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