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Alec Baldwin is a generous soul, Viola Davis is too

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Apr 15, 2014
J.V. Houlihan, Sr. Pensacola, Air Station Flight School

So a guy has a beef with his ex-wife, and his kid—nothing unique there. And he drills a  camera toting Pap, who is not minding his own business, but is minding Baldwin's. So what. Paps are bottom feeders who take pictures of celebrities, and then sell the images to the highest bidder. They chase, they stalk, they shoot, they score. Then, guys like Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin, take a shot of their own at these guys. Frontier justice at its best. Whattacountry!

    Alec Baldwin, along with Viola Davis donates money to the Adams's Library up in Central Falls. I hail from the old Yankee Jencks family, who settled there many years ago, and probably endowed the library over the years. Because of Baldwin and Viola wanting to help this library, our family found this out in a local paper and sent some contributions to help as well. My dad, probably read his first books in the Adams' Library. Moreover, my dad encouraged me to read. He also encouraged me to write. I donated my books The Monkey's Fist and Sheds, with the hope that a kid may pick one up and read it. It's the least I can do. It's also a salute to my dad for my writing—he never got a chance to see any of  my published work. It's the only life regret I have. Moreover, he would be proud his kids are helping this library

    Our dad taught us to be frugal and generous—it was the Shanty Yankee way. He taught us to help people in any way we can, if we could. Theatres, and Libraries are big on my list these days. Haiti, is big on my wife's list—ahem, Sean Penn's too. So, my hat is off to Viola, Alec, et, al. for helping the Adams's Library and other charities. Viola remembers her roots of growing up in Central Falls. Alec Baldwin has his motives, which are good ones I'm sure. I'll ask him if I ever bump into him, and let you know.

If you want to find out more: Google The Adams's Library. Kick in a few bucks, it'll make you feel good.

N.B. This was an homage for our dad, who has been gone for ten years, this week.


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