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A. Transue Corporation
Contact: Bain Transue
Box 1558
Block Island, RI 02807
Phone: 401-466-5907

Providing commercial and residential site development, septic systems and pumpouts to island residents and contractors since 1971.


• Site Development,- excavation, grading, underground utilities, house demolition ,
stone wall building
• Roads - built and maintained
• Asphalt - aprons, roads, parking areas
• Septic Systems installed and maintained - new construction/alteration, gravity
and advanced treatment, pump outs.
• Materials - gravel, sand, stone, loam, fill, boulders, crushed asphalt, cold patch

• Emergency septic repair and installation; Galley leach field replacement


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Asphalt paving in disguise

A.Transue can provide you with an asphalt driveway that looks nothing like that ugly black asphalt. Did you know you can cover asphalt with P Stone, Bluestone, clamshell and much more? It's possible and it creates a maintenance free drive/ lane way. Call or email today for more details. 401-440-8...
Spring Driveway Repairs

How is your driveway holding up after all the winter storms? If your driveway is in bad shape let us know we are now scheduling Spring Driveway repairs. 401-466-5907 or email us at
Asphalt Paving-Spring Driveway Repairs

With the warmer weather heating up, it’s almost time for our asphalt paving company to head out. If you have any interest in asphalt paving give us a call to get a quote. If you are not interested in paving we can also give you a quote on repairing your driveway for this coming 2014 season. All ...