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A smorgasbord of species, plus tourney results

By Matt King | Aug 07, 2011

There has been plenty of action in the water around the Block this week. The smorgasbord of the different fish species has something to offer almost every angler’s taste — with even a few blue-water species in close.

The water temperature has settled in the low 70s with ample amounts of bait around. Squid, silversides and half-beaks — a species of baitfish that resemble ballyhoo with their beak-shaped mouth — are keeping the fish in tight around the island. Multiple reports came in from local fishermen spotting white marlin finning on the surface. Although not unheard of, it is a fairly rare occurrence. These fish have been estimated to be between 60 and 80 pounds.

The bass and bluefish bite has been hanging in steady. Early morning and late afternoons have been best for the bait fisherman. Bass in the high-40s have been coming in for weigh-ins, according to John over at Twin Maples. John also mentionioned there was a good cinder worm hatch earlier in the week, with certain areas of the pond turning blood red due to the large amount of these red-colored worms. He says this is typical for the first week of August. When the bass find and key in on one of these hatches, it can be absolutely spectacular to watch them feed and also extremely difficult to get them to strike anything you cast at them. Best bet is a red feather or a Berkeley gulp worm imitation.

Dawn and dusk have had the best success for top-water action. Look for the nervous water or birds working the surface, and you find the blues close by, with stripers underneath, and you might even have a shot at a 20-pound bluefin tuna. They have been popping up intermittently in the blitz mix on the southern side of the island. Have a Deadly Dick lure in hand, and be ready to throw it in the school of fish if you’re lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time!

Keep your eyes peeled for small mahi mahi, too. They have been spotted taking shade under lobster pot buoys and as far in-shore as a couple miles off the island. Once again, have a Deadly Dick or any kind of shiny metal lure ready to cast when you’re out there.

Better reports on the fluke: While the ratio is still scores of shorts to one keeper, there were reports of bigger fish caught on the southwest side of the island. Eric from Linesider said he had fish up to 7 pounds along with 2- and 3-pound black sea bass. The dogfish have backed off a bit, making it a little easier to fish some of the deeper holes. We could still see a decent run of the toothy flounder, probably coming up on the next moon.

There was a record turnout during last week’s Block Island Volunteer Firemen’s fishing tournament, and several thousand dollars were raised to go toward the purchase of new equipment. The results are as follows:


Adult division

1st place striped bass Don Smith 44 lbs., 13 oz.

1st place bluefish Andrew Richardson 10 lbs., 10 oz.

1st place fluke Peter Vican 5 lbs., 13oz.


Youth division

1st place striped bass Wyatt Hodgkins 40 lbs., 3oz.

1st place bluefish Andrew McGarry 9 lbs., 3oz.

1st place fluke Sydney Mikalois 6 lbs., 4oz.


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