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A Mom's Resume

By Kari Curtis | Apr 04, 2011
Ryan & Andrew

There are days when I just do not want to get out of bed. I also have days when I hit the floor running, excited about the day ahead. Either way, I know my day will be busy. Why? Because I am a mom. Most moms are busy, most of the time. And a mom doesn't have to have "a job" to be busy, because being a mom IS a job. I never realized this growing up, and maybe most of us don't....until we have our own children.  The baby years go by, and yeah, thats a busy time (especially with multiple children) but I have found that things really started to get busy once my boys started school. That's when I started creating a list, or a "resume" for my job as Mom.

Ryan just turned 13, and is in the 7th grade at the Block Island School (BIS). He plays JV soccer, basketball and baseball. Andrew is 9, and in the 4th grade at the BIS. He plays soccer, basketball and baseball as well. Through the years they have both participated in different after-school and summer activities; karate, drama group, art groups, chess club, recreation department events, sailing, surfing, sports clinics, camps on-island, camps off-island, and even hockey! (YES, we had to travel to the mainland, to URI, to play hockey.) I often wonder how many miles I have driven, or better yet, how much money I have spent on gas, just to get from point A to point B with one of the boys... sometimes I actually feel like I LIVE in my car, during after-school hours. So "chauffeur" definitely made it to my list, or "resume."

I had no idea that in the world of motherhood I would become, little by little, an expert in many different areas. I had no clue I would be changing "hats" almost by the minute to be who I was needed to be, on the spot! I found it really funny one day, when I realized that I was doing what other people get PAID to do in the professional world!  If moms got a paycheck for the job we do, we would be rich!! (Wouldn't that be nice?)

So, on to my resume.....what keeps me on my toes everyday with my two boys:

My duties include, but are not limited to:

an alarm clock, banker, censor, chauffeur, cheerleader, chef, chief justice, chore delegator, coach, concierge, confidante, correctional officer, crossing guard, curfew warden, diplomat, disc jockey, entertainer, fashion stylist, facilities manager, hairdresser, homework advisor, housekeeper, hygiene consultant, internet safety monitor, inventory manager, juggler, loan officer, lost-and-found attendant, magician, nurse, paramedic, party planner, peacekeeper, personal assistant, purchasing agent, recreation director, referee, reference librarian, relationship specialist, repairperson, shepherd, shipping/receiving agent, snuggler, teacher, transportation coordinator, travel agent, waitress, and last, but not least, a zookeeper.

The list will probably grow as I enter the world of Teenager-ism.....but as long as my boys are happy and safe, I am willing to be whatever they need me to be!!

Whats on YOUR resume?

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Posted by: Gloria Redlich | Apr 06, 2011 18:20

Lovely piece, Kari! Believe it or not you make me nostalgic for the days our kids were as young as yours. It is an overwhelmingly consuming "job" being a mom but well worth every effort and it's clear that you are in the category of Super Mom!  Remember to take some deep breaths and give yourself breaks in-between switching hats!  hugs~gloria

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