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A different kind of ferry

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Oct 30, 2013
Courtesy of: J.V. Houlihan, Jr.

On a recent visit with some Martha's Vineyard friends, I did one of my favorite aimless behaviors of all time! I watched the Chappy Ferry make countless round trips to and from  Chappaquiddick to Edgartown and back; you can't touch this as a way to pass the time when you have no agenda. For geezers, aimlessness rules! I've ridden this little ferry several times since 1970. On a camping trip once, I brought my kids out there to swim by Dike bridge. Recently, I wrote a column that featured a Chappy trip; my first one.

The next day I hopped aboard with my truck for a trip down memory lane to Cape Pogue. After I boarded the 3 car ferry and  we were under way for the (1 minute trip), a guy came by and I flipped him some cash. It turned out he was the owner, and was working that day. He'd been working on his other ferry which was on the hard in Vineyard Haven, but was filling in for a deck hand. It turns out, this guy Peter Wells, is a columnist like myself. In 1 minute, we told each other what kind of stuff we did, I flipped him a copy of the B I Times that was on the floor of my truck. When I came off from the memory lane deal, the guy comes up to me and flips me a book he published about the Chappy Ferry.

I guess this is a teaser for the column I'm currently scribbling. This book was read during my Vineyard visit on the quick. Hop on board to learn more about this great little ferry that could,when the column runs...toot, toooot!



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