The Block Island Times

A courageous and necessary vote

Dec 03, 2011

Our state Senator Susan Sosnowski and our state Representative Donna Walsh voted on November 17 to support the pension reform plan introduced by Governor Lincoln Chafee and State Treasurer Gina Raimondo. It couldn’t have been an easy vote to make.

Tens of thousands of retirees were adversely affected by the decision. The reform will mean less money in their retirement years — funds they were counting on.

On the other hand, the reform moved the state back from falling off the precipice of bankruptcy. Without the pension changes, all the state’s residents would be adversely affected.

There’s plenty of blame to go around as to who is responsible for getting Rhode Island into the pension mess. But right now, we need to recognize those who are setting us on the path to recovery. It appears that there are a lot of people to thank. Let’s begin by expressing appreciation to Senator Sosnowski and Representative Walsh for making the right decision — as heart wrenching as the vote may have been.

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