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A Blogservation from the author of, Notes From The Ferry Dock

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Jan 08, 2013

At the end of my teaching career, I was hearing a snootful of cyberspeak from educators, writers and computer savvy people. Truth is, I loathed computers. I heard so many buzz words in my career my head spun: proactive, regressive, the cloud, electronic filing systems, the grid, "The New Paradigm", weblogs, blogs, tablets, MySpace, Face Book( a writer I know calls Face Book, Crack Book!). I had no use for these terms, I just wanted to teach Homer.

I love writing words into stories; fiction or non-fiction, it doesn't matter. My wife says, "You have lots of words in that head of yours", and I do, and they need to go somewhere (poor woman). I feel my wife is very lucky that I write, because for each word I write, that is one less word that she has to hear me speak aloud. I consider her to be a lucky lady. I think she feels the same way.

Over the years, the Block Island Times has published a bunch of my stories and I'm happy to contribute. I crunch out a piece, send it to the editors, they tweak it here and there, then it ends up in the paper. Last March, Fraser Lang came off the ferry and said, "Hey Joe, you should write a blog for the paper!" I said, "You know Fraser, that's a great idea!" A year or so back, my wife had encouraged me to do the same thing, along with another friend of mine, furthermore my daughter told me to write one also. So, I committed to write a blog for the paper; however, there was a problen. I didn't know what a blog was.

Then, Pippa Jack walked me through the computer stuff on the phone: scroll here, hit this, put in your password, yada, yada, yada. Then she said, "Write whatever you want Joey, I'm turning you loose on the world; just be you!" Now I gotta tell you, that was music to my ears. I've completed a novel and a half of another, I've got some non-fiction I'm stumping around to publishers; these are structured formats. Blogging is not only non-structured, it's non-linear! This kind of writing is in the moment and improvisational, ya know, whatever grabs my attention. All I need to do is talk to myself and my dogs about it in my truck for a couple of days, then bang, it's on the screen. This is exactly how I wrote in my journals when I was a teenager; it's liberating and fun! I love computers now; ironic huh?

Finally, I'm glad Fraser asked me to write a blog for the paper. Most importantly, I want to thank the folks who are reading these informal blogservations. I can actually see how many hits I get after a particular blog. One very gratifying number I saw, was in regards to my My idea of a Kindle blog. It was posted at 10:30pm on 12/23/12. At 7 the next morning, it had 325 hits! I was very excited, and so was my wife; she didn't need to hear, the words. I'll tell you what, I'll do my best to keep writing these little blogservations, if you'll all keep reading them. Deal? Deal!

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