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May 03, 2013
Photo by: Kari Curtis

Block Island School senior Maddy Tretheway used pieces of driftwood that had washed up on shore after Hurricane Sandy to create her senior project. Tretheway, along with her project mentor Lisa Robb and island carpenter Gerry Riker, unveiled the impressive sculpture this week.

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Posted by: Suzanne D Cotter | May 09, 2013 11:59

Maddy, I think your elephant is AWESOME!!!!  I don't know if your talents lie in heading towards the artistic, but you might want to check out Heather Jansch's website for some more wonderful sculptures in wood!  Hers are of horses and she's into life size bronze casting too now!  Wood sculptures are amazing in how they fit together!!  You did a wonderful job!  "" if you want to check her out. Best of luck with your future in whatever you do!

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